Apex Clean Energy Announces Launch of Brouilletts Creek Solar Community Grant Program

Apex Clean Energy is announcing the launch of the Brouilletts Creek Solar Community Grant Program. The program will award funds to organizations and projects supporting residents and communities throughout Vermillion County.

One of the primary goals of Apex Clean Energy is to be a strong community partner and support residents and organizations that are working to make positive differences in their community. Our Community Grant Program helps us support pressing community needs and make a meaningful impact.

“Brouilletts Creek Solar will be a long-term investment in Vermillion County and we plan to be a long-term community partner to the entire community,” said Meagan Van Vuren, Senior Development Manager with Apex Clean Energy. “We are excited to support the amazing work local volunteer organizations, community groups, and school programs are doing through our community grant program.”

Grants will be available to groups or organizations working to make a positive difference in Vermillion County in one or more of four key areas: building healthy communities, community and economic development, environmental sustainability, and promoting education. 

  • Building Healthy Communities: Programs that support recreation and leisure opportunities and/or promote a healthy lifestyle. This includes athletic events or equipment and public health initiatives.
  • Community & Economic Development: Programs that support economic development and/or enhance the quality of community life.
  • Environmental Sustainability: Programs that possess a strong link to environmental revitalization or
    education, promote conservation, empower residents to be stewards of the environment, and/or encourage partnerships to address environmental concerns. 
  • Promoting Education: Programs that support K-12 and higher educational institutions. This includes curriculum development, literacy, STEM programs, school readiness, vocational training, and other initiatives that help students become successful adults.

Grants will be awarded on a regular basis throughout 2022 in increments ranging from $500 to $5,000. Applicants should be non-profit organizations or governmental entities that are making an impact in the listed focus areas.

The application period for the first round of community grants will close on June 15, 2022, though grants may be awarded prior to that date based on need. While not all applicants will receive support in the program’s first cycle, priority will be given to grants that demonstrate meaningful ways of achieving their stated objective and make a positive difference in the lives of the greatest number of area residents.

If you are interested in applying, please visit www.brouillettscreeksolar.com/grant or call (765) 735-3100 with questions. Community organizations and residents of Vermillion County are encouraged to apply and help spread the word.